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Dr. Pakodi Ferenc Gastroenterologist

Dr. Szabó Imre László Gastroenterologist

Dr. Erőss Bálint Gastroenterologist, physician

The field of gastroenterology is the medical discipline dealing with gastrointestinal disorders, including possible diseases of oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, colon and liver, diagnosis of symptoms, healing of the diagnosed disease, which has become an independent branch of internal medicine.

In the cases listed below, we recommend you to contact our gastroenterologist by all means:

• heartburn (reflux disease), gastric ulcer, gastric bleeding

• bloating

• pancreatitis

• gallstones

• cholangitis

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

• inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis),

• protein-losing enteropathy

• celiac disease

• lactose intolerance

What gastroenterological services are available at MyClinic Pécs?

• gastroscopy

• colonoscopy

• polypectomy

• Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound

• laboratory diagnostics

• H2 exhalation test

• Helicobacter exhalation test

Our examinations and interventions are performed under exceptionally comfortable conditions, if needed, with analgesia.

Endoscopic interventions (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, polypectomy) are performed with state-of-the-art Olympus endoscopes and ERBE electro-surgical devices, while abdominal ultrasound is performed using the latest Siemens device.

Blood glucose and starch load tests are performed to justify pancreatic diseases and absorption disorders, while in cases of suspected lactose intolerance and small intestinal contamination, the patients are H2 exhalation tested. Helicobacter testing can also be performed through exhalation tests.


Dr. Nyárfás Géza Cardiologist

Dr. Pongrácz-Kreska Zita Cardiologist, physician

The special field of Cardiology deals with cardiovascular diseases and their prevention.

Regular cardiology control plays a prominent role in maintaining good health, since cardiovascular problems and complications associated with them often occur without painful signs, take place with tragic suddenness, and very often cause permanent damage or death. This includes, among others, stroke, cardiac arrest, the chances of which could be reduced by adequate lifestyle and regular screening tests.

In the cases listed below, we recommend you to see our cardiologist by all means:

• family history of heart disease or cardiology problems (amongst ancestors);

• you often experience periodic chest pain or uncomfortable pressure;

• you have significant overweight;

• you lead a sedentary lifestyle;

• you have much coffee, are a regular smoker or drink alcohol frequently;

• you work under a lot of stress;

• you are often feel dizzy, have a headache, experience shortness of breath;

• your legs or feet tend to swell;

• you experience irregular heartbeat;

• you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes;

• your blood test results show high levels of uric acid and cholesterol

Instruments used for cardiology examinations

In the cardiology examination, the patient's narration and medical history is not sufficient, and the following tests are required:


• echocardiography

• Load test

• 24-hour ECG and blood pressure test

During comprehensive cardiology treatment, the diagnosis is made after the patient's health check and instrumental examinations, and thereafter the specialist makes a therapeutic proposal. Control examinations are being arranged, the physician makes suggestions for how to improve the person’s lifestyle, and some further controls might also be needed that require the involvement of other professionals to exclude or prove certain issues.

Internal medicine

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Dr. Pongrácz-Kreska Zita Cardiologist, physician

Dr. Erőss Bálint Gastroenterologist, physician

Internal medicine is the area of medicine that does not deal with and treat conditions affecting a single organ, but integrates, coordinates the activities of other special fields. In addition to performing screening tests, patients with internal-medicine complaints are examined and treated at the outpatient clinics.

In the cases listed below, we recommend you to see our internist by all means:

• symptoms of uncertain origin

• fever of uncertain origin, anaemia

• abdominal pain

• Abnormal weight loss

• frequent headaches

Taking into account the results of the tests and examinations carried out and the history of the patient, our doctors determine the further course of the examinations, and if necessary, refer the patient concerned to a specialized area of the organ affected including cardiology, endocrinology, diabetology, gastroenterology, hepatology, and to various imaging and laboratory tests. Our clinic provides so-called case-management tasks as well, whereby patients are monitored and managed by a physician from the tests and examinations to the treatment, summarizes the health data collected during the tests and treatment.

In order to preserve one’s health, it is advised to have an internal examination once a year even for an asymptomatic person, so that diseases can be prevented or recognized at an early stage.


Dr. Hanyecz Anita Dermatologist

Dr. Lengyel Zsuzsa Dermatologist

Human skin is one of the most important protection zones of human body, which is providing a complex and complicated task, yet only a few people pay enough attention to maintaining its health and integrity.

The condition of one’s skin is the perfect indicator of the state of his or her body, thus, in most cases illnesses, disorders or the disruption of one’s internal balance is immediately apparent on the skin.

In the cases listed below, we recommend you to see our dermatologist by all means:

• acne, pimpled skin

• allergic skin diseases (hives / urticaria, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczema, food and drug allergy)

• naevi (moles), benign and malignant skin cancers, epithelial tumours, melanoma, skin appendages - malignant tumours of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and hair

• Associated skin symptoms of autoimmune or other immunological disorders (butterfly-shaped redness on the face), plaque-like skin disorders (e.g. psoriasis), pigmentation disorders (e.g. vitiligo)

• viral skin lesions (viral warts, molluscum contagiosum, etc.)

• fungal skin diseases (nail fungus, mycosis)

• skin diseases caused by bacterial infection (acne, pimples, furuncles, impetigo, etc.)

• eczema (dry skin, allergy) - dry, cracked, itchy skin, tiny little blisters (seropapulae), inflamed, peeling spots, redness

• vascular disorders, skin haemorrhages, vasculitis

• hair loss, which can also be caused by skin disease

• psoriasis

• rosacea

• keratinisation disorders, pigment disorders, metabolic/ endocrinological disorders


Dr. Lovász Orsolya Pulmonologist

Pulmonology is a medical field dealing with lungs, the respiratory tract and respiratory diseases.

Our pulmonologist has considerable professional experience in the examination, diagnosing and treatment of both acute and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, as well as chronic diseases and malignant tumours of the lungs.

In the cases listed below, we recommended you to see our pulmonologist by all means:

• rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa)

• asthma

• cough

• chest pain

• pneumonia

• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

• lung cancer

• pulmonary embolism

• TB

• reflux-induced pulmonary complications

The respiratory function tests for the diagnosis of respiratory diseases are performed with modern spirometers. To investigate/ allergy (hay fever, asthma) patients, we perform a cutan prick test.

For finding the right diagnosis of diseases, our specialist pulmonologist will also use the help of other related medical fields including cardiology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology, as necessary.


Prof. Dr. Nagy Zsuzsanna Internist, endocrinologist, clinical immunologist and allergist


Occupational Health Physician

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Dr. Kürthy Dániel Family doctor, occupational physician

Dr. Oberling Máté Family doctor, occupational physician

Act XCIII of 1993 on Occupational Health and Safety requires all employers to provide occupational health services (formerly called work-related medical services) to all their employees in categories A, B, C and D. Occupational health examinations have a preventive role: the aim is to assess the suitability for a job and to control the impact of workplace stress and workplace-related pathogens.

Our occupational health physicians

• provide services for a reasonable price

• helping employers and employees comply with legal requirements

• flexible in terms of arranging the service flexibly (e.g. at the employer's premises)

• offer a number of additional services that can be accounted as expenses by employers (e.g. vaccines, screening tests, extension of driving license)


Dr. Csaba Tünde Otolaryngologist, pediatrician

Otolaryngology is a medical field focusing on potential diseases of the head, ear, nose and sinuses, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, and neck, and the tests and treatments it offers may be necessary for patients of all ages.

At our clinic, ear-nose-throat and hearing tests are available for children and adults alike.

In the cases listed below, we recommend you to see our ear-nose-throat specialist by all means:

• upper respiratory disease, cold symptoms, earache

• prolonged hoarseness and cough lasting for at least three weeks

• Not improving hearing loss, tinnitus or dizziness

• Intense snoring

• Common and intensive otitis media

• Appearance of cervical lymph nodes or a considerable growth of them

• difficulty in swallowing and a constant feeling of having a lump in the throat

• swelling of the face or neck without any previous reason such as infection or cold

• recurrent and frequent intensive bleeding from the nose


Dr. Sz. Makó Hajnalka Psychologist



Dr. T. Kovács Katalin Rheumatologist

Rheumatology deals with conditions involving the pain, deformation and disability of the musculoskeletal organs i.e. the bones, joints, tendons, supply vessels and nerves and connective tissue and the non-surgical treatment of spinal lesions. They include autoimmune and metabolic inflammatory diseases that cause locomotor complaints and degenerative (abrasive) joint problems.

In the cases listed below, we recommend you to see our rheumatologist by all means:

• Aching joints and muscular pain disturbing your daily life

• your movement is restricted by long-lasting tenosynovitis or muscle stiffness

• any type of spine or back pain

• small-joint pain

• radiating pain of unknown origin

• Inflammatory joint and muscle pain

• Neck, back, shoulder regional diseases (inflammation, wear)

• Waist and hip regional disorders (inflammation, wear)

• Regional diseases of the hands, elbows, wrists (inflammation, wear)

• Regional diseases of the leg, knee, ankle (inflammation, wear)

• Local diseases of soft tissues (soft tissue rheumatism)

• Osteoporosis (Osteoporosis)

Ultrasound Diagnostics

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Dr. Farkas Orsolya Radiologist

Dr. Dérczy Katalin Radiologist


In modern medicine, ultrasound testing is the most common diagnostic and imaging technique.

Its advantage include the facts that the human body is not exposed to biologically damaging radiation during the examination while no contraindications or negative effects of it are known, it is painless, can be performed at any age, as required. Ultrasound testing can be used to screen out possible diseases.

Ultrasonic examinations available at our clinic:

• Complex abdominal ultrasound

• Doppler examination of abdominal vessels

• Neck ultrasound scan - soft tissues

• Thyroid ultrasound

• Complex Cervical Ultrasound Scan (Thyroid, Soft tissues, Salivary Glands, Lymph Nodes)

• Ultrasound examination of cervical vessels

• Lymphatic region ultrasound (neck, armpit, groin region)

• Doppler scan, upper limb

• Doppler scan, lower limb

• Soft tissue ultrasound - limbs

• Soft tissue ultrasound - chest wall, abdominal wall


Dr. Gáti István Neurology


Vascular surgery

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Dr. Hardi Péter Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery


Veczák Ibolya Dietetics



Blood test

Beauty treatment

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Dr. Lovász Orsolya Pulmonologist

Beauty treatment